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It is designed to get your name tag in a cool Japanese Katakana.
If you want to get a tattoo or T-shirt print with your own name in fancy Japanese font, you can just put your name in English here to find your name's Japanese Katakana version. When you find your Katakana name with Japanamer, just print it and use it as a draft design.
Japanamer contains about 3000 words which are popular American boys & girls name and some vocabulary that frequently used in daily lives.


Screenshot - Japanamer version 1.02

Download Japanamer

Japanamer version 1.02 (2004/06/28)

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
FileSize: 9,036KB

This sofware conatins Mikachan-font.
You may use this Mikachan-font in both for your personal or commercial use.

Please refer the following URL for more details about Mikachan-font.

My home page:
http://www.apolloron.org/ (japanese only)